Our process enables us to mass-produce Organic insect feed with high quality feedstock, while meeting the industry requirements for food safety. We are partnering with nature in a way that is eco-friendly and sustainable.

A 60-70% increase in consumption of animal products is expected by 2050. The increase in consumption will demand enormous resources, the feed being the most challenging because of the limited availability of natural resources. With ongoing climatic changes and food-feed-fuel competition, the costs of conventional feed resources are very high and moreover their availability in the future will be limited.




Our product provides proteins, fat, iron, calcium, omega and many more plus all the essential amino acids.
Less water is required with our feed and the insects produce significantly less greenhouse gases.


Our system ensures the absence of chemical inputs, the full traceability of ingredients and utilizes food safety protocols based on the HACCP methodology.

Agriculture Uses Globally

30% of world grains feed animals (85% of soy and 50% of corn)

70% of fresh water

40% of emerged land

18% of greenhouse gases emission (65% livestock)  


An unnatural diet and confinement causes animals to become sick, so they cannot grow and develop properly. To compensate, synthetic growth promoters and antibiotics are added to the feed.

80% of antibiotics produced are fed to livestock and that goes directly into the meat we eat.

  • Agriculture



    Organic fertilizer to enhance growth of beneficial organisms, suitable for all soils, pastures, crops, trees and vegetables

    Fertilser Additive
  • Aquafeed


    Coming Soon

    The power of ocean minerals harnessed in a unique organic formula using quality materials to support growth

    Aqua Feed Additive
  • Animal Feed

    Animal Feed

    Coming Soon

    Created as a liquid protein nutrient additive bursting with vital amino’s, minerals, proteins and nutrients.

    Animal Feed additive
  • Nutritional


    Coming Soon

    BioCore Organics create and develop Organic Supplements, Nutraceutical, Cosmetic and Medical additives

    Human Nutrition
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