Clean Bio Organics

packed with trace elements

At BioCore Organics we are developing a wide variety of organic conditioners, micronutrients and fertiliser treatments for both soil and hydroponic production

In our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, using a unique biological method of processing we are able to manufacture high-quality organic nutrition, proteins and amino acids

We utilise our unique biological process to create an organic liquid power house packed with essential elements, micro nutrients and trace minerals

A totally natural product having not been subjected to high heat or chemical treatment and containing many trace elements that benefit the bacterial activity

Organic super feeds to heal soil and improve yields

Designed to supplement your fertilisation applications to quickly return your soil to its natural microbial state 

No oils or proteins are removed so the nutrients remain longer in the soil and with our lower N-P-K rates it can be used to exceed the results obtained by chemicals with a much higher rate

Helps to enhance the natural soil biology resulting in excellent, healthy plant growth with increased yields and greater pest resistance

Easily applied by a soil drench or folier spray

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