Under the Animal Welfare Act 2006, you have a legal obligation as someone who has poultry or livestock in their care, to ensure that the welfare and needs of your animals are met in accordance with good husbandry

The welfare of an animal covers many aspects: hunger, home, health, happiness and heart.

Commonly known as the “Five Freedoms”

At BioCore Organics we develope a wide variety of organic feed additives

In our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and our method of biological processing we are able to manufacture high-quality supplementary organic nutrition, proteins and amino acids

Our process takes marine resources and uses unique marine enzymes to create an organic liquid feed packed with essential elements, micro nutrients and trace minerals for a fully organic feed additive or supplement

Our process preserves more of the nutrition in the feed and we use no harmful chemicals or additives

Our feeds can be customised to meet customer specifications, combined with expert technical support and efficient global logistics

Make us your organic choice for excellent nutrition, health and performance



Biocore Organics harness all the benefits of the sea



In an increasing trend, 70% of consumers are concerned about negative health effects from consuming meat, poultry or dairy from animals eating feed with harmful ingredients. Now, discover a 100% natural Non-GMO animal feed source. Our high protein animal feeds originate from the sea and have been a well-established feed source globally for decades

Make a better choice for excellent animal health and performance. Nutritionally, our animal feeds are an excellent replacement for Corn and Soybean Meal, delivering a great balance of high protein, fibre and minerals for high energy plus optimal health and nutrition while being sustainably grown and produced

In addition, our animal feeds reduce total feed cost when used as a replacement for other expensive protein sources.


   Peptides – Amino acids – Omega 3 oils – Soluble proteins – Easily digestible alkaloids






Our process preserves more of the nutrition in the feed and uses no harmful chemicals or additives resulting in reduced allergenicity and increased probiotics

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  • Agriculture



    Organic fertilizer to enhance growth of beneficial organisms, suitable for all soils, pastures, crops, trees and vegetables

    Fertilser Additive
  • Aquafeed


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    The power of ocean minerals harnessed in a unique organic formula using quality materials to support growth

    Aqua Feed Additive
  • Animal Feed

    Animal Feed

    Coming Soon

    Created as a liquid protein nutrient additive bursting with vital amino’s, minerals, proteins and nutrients.

    Animal Feed additive
  • Nutritional


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    BioCore Organics create and develop Organic Supplements, Nutraceutical, Cosmetic and Medical additives

    Human Nutrition